About me

Hi, I'm Ludovica! Born in Naples on 5.5.1971 (hence the name) I grew up in the wonderful world of high jewelery, thanks to my father who educated me on beauty, the refined and the high quality of craftsmanship with an eye kept on fashion and future. Quality has made our family business a small reference for those looking for contemporary coral jewelry of the highest level. In 2012 breast cancer kept me busy for a while but then in 2015 it pushed me to indulge a passion: the online launch of a very small collection of BEACH BAGS, here was 55 born. There is always good in everything ... The response of my facebook network first and the market’s then was exciting, so much that the first bags sold out in just 3 days. I have produced many others and have also proposed them in the years to come, combining with a collection of bijoux. It was written, I could not decline my know-how in something more in style with 55. Today fashion jewelry is the true heart of 55, which continues to renew itself and fills me with joy. Welcome to the world of 55 made out of colors, sounds and joy: small easy-to-wear JEWELS that I hope will GIVE you the same JOY I feel in making them. Please, sit down and have fun and if you want to CONTACT ME, it will be a pleasure to try to satisfy you. ENJOY!